The MultiCycle project held a successful final dissemination event for a combined in-person and online audience of more than eighty people from the heart of the historic city of Ghent on 7th April 2022.

Flexible packaging mock-ups made with MultiCycle recyclates on display

This event primarily focused upon the application of the MultiCycle physical (selective dissolution based) recycling approach to mixed post-consumer and post-industrial flexible packaging waste streams including multi-layer materials, but also touched upon the evaluation of the technology applied to thermoplastic based fibre-reinforced composites and performance non-wovens in the automotive sector as the project’s other primary end use area of interest. (For more on the application of the MultiCycle approach to the challenges of recycling automotive plastics see the post-event resources from our March 2022 online dissemination event.)

Presentations from MultiCycle’s research team covering the key achievements in scaling up and integrating the core selective solvent based physical recycling and advanced monitoring technologies at the heart of the MultiCycle industrial pilot demonstration process, and from those leading the evaluation of recyclates obtained from using the MultiCycle process to treat representative waste streams were complemented by guest speakers providing different perspectives on future food packaging innovation for sustainability and on how those involved in the flexible packaging industrial value chain are collectively gearing up to deliver a circular economy by 2025.

The presentations from this event are now available to

WATCH AGAIN (video playlist)

or you can download the presentations to view (pdf format).