The MultiCycle project held an online dissemination event on 10th March 2022 to focus upon work done to evaluate single polymer streams recovered from mixed multimaterial wastes as circular feedstocks in applications in the manufacturing chain for automotive vehicles.

Speakers from the MultiCycle consortium outlined both the key research and technology developments enabling recovery of high quality PP, PA6 and PA6,6, and PET recyclates from challenging post-industrial and post-consumer composite wastes streams (e.g. glass fibre reinforced composites) without recourse to chemical depolymerization, and the emerging results of how MultiCycle recyclates performed when substituted for virgin materials in the manufacture of both functional and aesthetic car parts.

The event also featured an invited presentation on behalf of the A.SPIRE Association reflecting broader moves towards circularity and sustainability in the Process Industries, and introduced both exploitation measures for the project’s key results, and emerging policy recommendations to promote circularity in EU Plastics arising from stakeholder consultations conducted in the course of the MultiCycle project.

Watch “Shifting Towards Circular Economics in Thermoplastic Composites” again now (playlist on YouTube).

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Speakers (links are to presentations as pdf where available):