A newly published article in Chemical Processing identifies MultiCycle as one of a number of significant advances taking place in chemical / hybrid recycling technologies for dealing with discarded plastics.

Editor at Large, Seán Ottewell’s review of progress in efforts to bolster recovery and effective processing of plastic waste, and the corresponding waste collection collaborations needed to underpin the eventual commercialization of such technologies, outlines the project’s plans to operate a 25-kg/hr MultiCycle pilot plant at Lömi Process Technology, Germany in the second half of 2020. It goes on the describe how the project is addressing the need for high versatility in order to recover different polymers from materials arising from flexible packaging and automotive origins, and in some cases glass and carbon fibres, through advanced monitoring techniques for identifying the composition of each incoming batch of end-of-life material to ensure the process is set up optimally for the fractions to be recovered.

Pilot Plant under construction at Lömi GmbH

MultiCycle Pilot Plant under construction at Lömi GmbH

Several MultiCycle project partners will go on to evaluate the recycled polymers in a range of packaging and automotive applications.

By contrast with the classically “chemical recycling” (recovery of monomeric materials) routes described elsewhere in the Chemical Processing review, the selective solvent extraction approach being taken in MultiCycle recovers intact, single polymeric material streams suitable for direct, closed loop re-use in polymer processing applications, and does this for challenging multi-material streams which are intractable to conventional mechanical sorting. As such it adds further complementarity to the strategic range of approaches available within the EU for  dealing with the whole range of material recovery challenges encountered under the banner of establishing a circular economy in plastics plastics.

Read the full Chemical Processing article ‘Industry Breaks The Mold For Discarded Plastics’.

For more information on MultiCycle’s pilot plant and planned demonstration activities contact the project co-ordinator, Elodie Bugnicourt.