Read article nowMulticycle co-ordinator Elodie Bugnicourt and project partner Esra Kucukpinar have recently co-authored an article outlining the potential of emerging bio-based barrier solutions to contribute to the vision of a circular economy in plastic packaging in the EU. The article points out that the  Multicycle preferential solvent-based extraction process being geared to solve the issues of recycling of current multilayer materials is also compatible with bio-based materials. Although not the major focus of the project, bioplastics are being evaluated in Multicycle alongside mainstream petro-chemical derived materials.

Read more here: Emerging Circular Biobased Barrier solutions; Elodie Bugnicourt, Simona Neri, Esra Kucukpinar, Markus Schmid, Patrizia Cinelli, Andrea Lazzeri; Bioplastics Magazine, Vol 05, p 44-46, September October 2019