To enable adoption of the solutions that the MultiCycle project proposes it is necessary to gauge and understand the current policy atmosphere around the key sectors and materials associated with the project, exploring questions like where are the opportunities to increase recycling rate and what are the current barriers and what are the incentives (or lack of incentives) to implementing advanced solution for multilayer packaging and automotive composites. By delineating a position from the stakeholders’ and project consortium perspectives on what would be the necessary adaptations or changes to current policies to facilitate the adoption of the MultiCycle solution at a European level we can help both those involved in establishing the market conditions, and those driving the hoped for circular economic activity, to face up to and overcome the barriers, and capitalise on the opportunities, to the benefit of all.

Specialists at the International Solid Waste Association are currently advancing policy outreach work geared towards producing position papers that will communicate to decision-makers and the general public the adaptations, incentives and information needed to advance current waste, recycling and plastic production policies so that advanced solutions in the circular economy such as MultiCycle can thrive. A research exercise to understand stakeholder perspectives has been prepared and is currently being executed with specialized surveys for both multilayer packaging and automotive composite materials.