To complement our direct stakeholder consultations, Multicycle is involved in implementing events Europe-wide addressing innovative topics and enabling discussions around circular plastics. In all cases we are keen to engage and consult with stakeholders on their opinions and expectations of the project and the path to circular economics more broadly. The project will be conducting two principal project dissemination events in the first quarter of 2022. The first will be an online event hosted in cooperation with the prominent Turkish automotive company Tofaş, looking primarily at the innovative treatment of glass and fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites arising from the automotive sector, and progress towards evaluation of the recovered materials in demonstration applications. This will be followed by a final project dissemination day with a similar focus on packaging multilayers. Further information on both events will be coming soon.

On 6th October MultiCycle provided both a themed session and took p[art in a joint projects discussion at the ISWA World Congress 2021, held this year as a virtual congress. The ISWA World Congress is a long-standing event with a global profile. It typically includes high level plenary sessions and speakers as well as technical site visits and a cultural and social programme where waste management professionals, government officials, industry leaders, policy makers, scientists and young professionals meet to exchange views and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for sustainable solid waste management. On 15th – 17th November MultiCycle partner Crowdhelix is collaborating with Invest in Skåne and TechConnect for the first ever edition of TechConnect Europe. The Crowdhelix Pavilion will showcase several EU funded projects including MultiCycle. See you in Malmo for this high profile innovation conference and expo, designed to connect top applied research and early-stage technologies from universities, labs and startup with industry and investment end-users and prospectors.

Looking ahead, work will continue apace in the coming months as the focus turns towards end user evaluation of the MultiCycle recyclates back in a series of demonstration applications during the final year of the project (running until the end of April 2022). Supported by comprehensive technical, environmental, social and economic assessments, and associated training, dissemination and exploitation related activities targeted towards our two primary end use sectors of interest, MultiCycle will be building a model for how the circular plastics economy can work sustainably across the EU.