As the MultiCycle project enters its final stages, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding two dissemination events showcasing and celebrating the progress made since 2018 in demonstrating the circular economy in action in obtaining high quality, value-added single polymer recyclates from challenging end of life plastics multimaterials.

On 10th March, the online event Shifting Towards Circular Economics in Thermoplastic Composites will cover integration and demonstration of key technologies and industrial case studies dealing with thermoplastic composites in the automotive sector. You can register now here.

On the 7th April, our final dissemination event Demonstrating the Circular Economy in Plastic Multimaterials event will be held in the historic city of Ghent, Belgium. Here we will be focusing primarily on the significant steps forward made in selective polymer recovery from flexible multilayer films used in packaging and on how these have performed when evaluated back in the value chains from which they arose. Whilst this event will have an option to hear presentations online, in-person attendance is strongly encouraged. Book your place now!

Both events will feature speakers from key research, enabling technology and industrial evaluation partners, and external perspectives to help broader discussion on the themes of exploitation and policy setting for circularity in EU Plastics. We look forward to seeing you there!